Product Sizing

Kid's Onesie Sizing Scale:

PLEASE NOTE: that a lot of teenagers should use the Adult sizing scale (below) and not the "Kid's Onesie Sizing Chart" (generally from ages 12 and up). Size S (Adults) is similar to size 12 (Australian Sizing) in Kid's clothing, and size 140 / 125 (Kids) is similar to size 10 (Australian Sizing) in Kids clothing.

Sizing should be by worked out primarily by height. Weight can be a factor. As a general guide, Size 100 or 85 would be suitable for a 2-3 year old, Size 110 or 95 would be suitable for a 4-5 year old  and size 120 or 105 would be suitable for a 6-6 year old. The correct way to calculate the size is by height (as mentioned above), as follows. If you need help choosing the correct size, email us at or call 1300 696 637:

  • Size 85 (or 100): Suitable for height 90-104cm.
  • Size 95 or (or 110): Suitable for height 105-114cm.
  • Size 105 (or 120): Suitable for height 115-124cm.
  • Size 115 (or 130): Suitable for height 125-134cm.
  • Size 125 (or 140): Suitable for height 135-144cm.

Adult Onesie Sizing Scale:

Sizing should be by worked out primarily by height, as follows. Please note that weight can sometimes be a factor. If you need help choosing the correct size, email us at or call 1300 696 637:

  • Size S: Suitable for height 140cm-155cm(47"-51"). 
  • Size M: Suitable for height 155cm-165cm(51"-55").
  • Size L: Suitable for height 165cm-175cm(55"-59").
  • Size XL: Suitable for height 175cm-185cm(59"-61").
  • Size XXL: Suitable for height 183cm - 190cm(61"-65").
  • Size XXXL: Suitable for height 190cm - 205cm(65"-69").

Other Products:

Adult Bathrobes follow the same sizing scale as the Adult Onesies (above), however Kid's Bathrobes follow a slightly different scale, and we recommend buying one-size-bigger than your normal choice, to be certain you are purchasing a suitable item.